container ship in rough seas

Since 2010, we have led the effort to identify and protect numerous vessel owners from issues with their prized craft here in the Philippines and Asia, We have been at the forefront of technology utilizing N.D.T equipment.

We strive to give you our client the best service possible associated with the Marine Sector from Pre-Sale Surveys/Insurance Surveys/ Accident Investigation/Engineering Surveys/ Pre-voyage Surveys/ Warranty/ Rigging and Appraisal Surveys,P&I Club Surveys/Engine sea trials combined with oil analysis.

“MTW Shore Ship Yacht Surveying Services helped me from making a potential mistake with the purchase of a steel cruising yacht which had a serious engine repair done incorrectly”

David Bradford, new boat owner

What We also specialize in:

  • Project Management
  • Oil Analysis/Coolant Analysis
  • Vessel Deliveries
  • Vessel Superintendency
  • Project Supervision
  • Technical Services
  • Modifications
  • Dispute Marine Management
  • Expert Witness
  • Third Party Intervention
  • Source and Supply Marine Parts
  • Consulting Services
  • New Builds
  • Major/Minor Re builds